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July 6th, Beta v1.2

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July 6th, Beta v1.2

Post by Kentaro on Sat Jul 06, 2013 5:32 pm

Well then! It's time again! One of my blog update posts!

That poor Khangaskhan has now opened up her shop back up! The Storage is back and running! This was taken down before as we were receiving complaints that players were loosing all of their items. So to help Khangaskhan with players the Duskull bank was opened as well to handle all the money for the players!

Larger Battle Maps! Huzzah, this was actually a plan from way way back, we always wanted different maps for each area, and this is a step forward for that to happen! If there are too many Pokemon in a fight, the map is transformed in to a larger version of itself, the lowest amount is 6 Pokemon before seeing a large battle map. For examples 2 Players, 4 Wilds or 3 Players and 3 Wilds.

Oh! In Addition to the bigger battle maps, there are new starting positions! So it will be impossible to be right next to your opponents as there is a 2 tile gap between the 2 possible areas

Metronome, Copycat, Sleep Talk were all broken when I updated the Attack System, but they are fixed now! And hopefully they will stay fixed!
Sand Attack has had it's ranged reduced by 1 so instead of 3 it's a 2.

The Tournament code has also been fixed, so there shouldn't be any reason for it breaking too much...

I noticed that the clock was changing too much, 1:30 wasn't enough for a Sun position so now it is 3 Days =1 Real day so each sun position lasts for 2 hours.

Oh ya! New Equipment! Are you tired of searching and killing Pidgeys and Weedles and Wurmples for a stinky beany or a ripped up t-shirt? Well we have the cure for you! Announcing new equipment! The rates for these better equipment are of course a bit harder then the originals. They are found in the Underwater Area, Pinchin Sands and the Happy Forest!
PS: The old equipments rates were lowered to make them a bit harder to find.

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Re: July 6th, Beta v1.2

Post by swanb on Sat Jul 06, 2013 5:57 pm

I dont really like the bigger maps it's crazy and if you have 2 MP it would kind of suck.

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Re: July 6th, Beta v1.2

Post by Zete on Sat Jul 06, 2013 7:07 pm

I LOVE these bigger maps, they have an amazing feel to them... We're going to use them for Group PvP Tournaments!!

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Re: July 6th, Beta v1.2

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