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July 9-11th, v1.5-1.51

 :: Pokemon Z :: Updates

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July 9-11th, v1.5-1.51 Empty July 9-11th, v1.5-1.51

Post by Kentaro on Thu Jul 11, 2013 9:12 pm

I got a bit lazy on doing the 1.5 Log so I will just mix the 1.5 and 1.51!

Is that water on your screen? No! That's the weather system now working! With that comes the 4 weather attacks! Now it is possible for somewhere in the world to have a natural occurring weather, these phenomenons will only last for 30 minutes until it wants to show up again somewhere else! Along with the weather, the Day and Night system was updated to so you would be able to just look at your screen and know the time. 

New Attacks that have been made along with the weather Attacks are, the 3 Fangs, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Ice Fang. Shadow Ball, Night Shade, Destiny Bond and Shadow Punch have been made. Finally Ice Shard and Blaze Kick have also been added!

Some Nerfed Things are Thunder and Burn Damage! Thunder along with Rain Dance is way scary as it will NEVER MISS, but also the range is crazy so it was made into a Linear attack! Burn damage was actually doing 1/8 of your Max HP that was way too much for this game!

Some Minor Graphical Updates, Adding Evasion and Accuracy changes so when you get sand in your eyes, you can see how bad it is! As you will probably notice as well, you can now tell what area you are as it tells you the name of the area under the the in game clock. Nice change to Eggs, Eggs will now show you what Egg Attacks they have! So players can farm for their most wanted attacks on their desired pokemon!

Equipment's Rarity chances have been increased! It will be slightly easier for players to get Rare and Unique Equipments! Also 2 new items have been added as Evolution Stones, Razor Claw and Happiness, these two items are in the Snow Areas!

Finally a change has been made for everyone logging in. Everyone will now spawn into the game back at their current town. For example if you relog in a battle while at the Volcano, you will be sent back to the AguaVerde Village! This change was made as too many people were abusing re-logging to avoid loosing a fight or just to avoid a fight completely! Re-logging to avoid a fight was a way of abuse since it was never intended for players to escape a battle this way.

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