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Starter Guide

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Starter Guide

Post by Indigo on Thu Jul 04, 2013 1:24 am

1: with this you can switch between chat and action log
2: here shows your chat/action log, in here you see what other speak you can speak to anyone in screen and in action log see what happens ingame
3: here is your stats
- pokeball shows your hp, when this is 0 you will faint and spawn at nearest town
- greatball shows your PP aslong as you have enough pp you can use attack (below attacks name it shows how much pp used)
- ultraball shows your MP aslong as you have mp you can move in battle, 1 number means 1 tile
- adjuster in side will adjust how loud sounds are
- by clicking picture of your pokemon it opens your pokemons stats window, also when spectating clicking this stops spectating
4: here are your attack slots, attacks you can use in battle
5: here are buttons to open few necessary places
- disc pic on left opens your move list, from here you can see all your moves and drag them into move slot
- bag pic next to disc opens your inventory, here you can see all equipable, usable and quest items
- book pic next to bag opens quest log, here you can see all active quests and how many enemies you need defeat or items you need find
- heart box pic next to book opens your currently weared equipment
- pal pad pic next to box opens your buddy list, here is every friend you have added and you can see if they online or offline
- device pic next to pal pad opens your party window, here you can see your party and leave or disband it NOTE! to invite in party right click on player and choose "invite to party" button
6: with this you can switch your movesets, there are 3 empty sets for you to fill with diffrent attacks, note you can switch between these only when not in battle

W = Whisper (can be also used as "who list" to see who is online xD)
M = World Map (more areas will be "mapped" when they come)
I = Inventory (same as clicking bag)
S = Stats (same as clicking your poke screen)
Right Click on npc = you can see opponent partys levels
Left Click while being close next to player = PvP Challenge

in this game you control pokemon not trainer.
when you start game you are able choose one of next pokemons:

Pichu (electric type)
Cleffa (fairy type)
Igglypuff (normal/fairy type)
Togepi (fairy type later fairy/flying)
Tyrogue (fightning type)
Smoochum (psychic/ice type)
Elekid (elecric type)
Magby (fire type)
Wynaut (psychic type)
Budew (grass/poison type)
Chingling (psychic type)
Bonsly (rock type)
Mime Jr. (psychic/fairy type)
Happiny (normal type)
Munchlax (normal type)
Riolu (fightning type later fightning/steel)
Mantyke (water/flying type)
Azurill (normal/fairy type later water/fairy)


Hardy, Docile, Serious, Bashfull and Quirky are natures that does nothing to your stats

Lonely: Increases Attack and decreases Defense
Brave: Increases Attack and decreases Speed
Adamant: Increases Attack and decreases Sp. Atk
Naughty: Increases Attack and decreases Sp. Def
Bold: Increases Defense and decreases Attack
Relaxed: Increases Defense and decreases Speed
Impish: Increases Defense and decreases Sp. Atk
Lax: Increases Defense and decreases Sp. Def
Timid: Increases Speed and decreases Attack
Hasty: Increases Speed and decreases Defense
Jolly: Increases Speed and decreases Sp. Atk
Naive: Increases Speed and decreases Sp. Def
Modest: Increases Sp. Atk and decreases Attack
Mild: Increases Sp. Atk and decreases Defense
Quiet: Increases Sp. Atk and decreases Speed
Rash: Increases Sp. Atk and decreases Sp. Def
Calm: Increases Sp. Def and decreases Attack
Gentle: Increases Sp. Def and decreases Defense
Sassy: Increases Sp. Def and decreases Speed
Careful: Increases Sp. Def and decreases Sp. Atk

basics of battling:
to start battle you just need run into npc pokemon or challenge player

battling in here is turn based strategy, in otherwords every player and npc in field have their own turns they also have own PP (power points) and MP (movement points) so in turn you can move as many tiles as you have movement points and use as many attacks as your PP allows you to (for example in one turn you are able move and attack twice).

to end turn click count down in middle

To attack click one of button which consist your attack when you do that certain area becomes highlighted and this area is your attack area. if enemy is within this area you are able to attack

NOTICE! in here you will always have all your attacks available to you, and can change by clicking cd button below attack slots, which opens your attack list, from that list you can drag attack into your 4 slots at anytime except battle


Light Forest:
Defeat Rattatas - from Mayor
Get 3 Parashrooms - from Snorlax
Defeat Weedles - from Mayor
Boss Beedrill - from Mayor
Defeat Pidgeys - from Mayor

Defeat Chinchous - from Lapras
Defeat Carvanhas - from Manaphy
Defeat Qwfish and Chinchous - from Tentacruel
Boss Gyarados - from Manaphy

Happy Forest:
Defeat Krabbys - from Lapras
Defeat Staryus - from Starmie
Defeat Corpfishes - from Ludicolo
Defeat Glooms Scythers and Heracrosses - from Ludicolo
Defeat Pachirisus, Slakoths and Vigoroths - from Ludicolo
Defeat Bellossom and Vileplume - from Ludicolo
Boss Golem - from Ludicolo
Defeat Larvitars, Munchlax Geodudes, Gravelers, and Kangaskhans - from Ludicolo
Defeat Charmeleons, Magmars and Houndooms - from Ludicolo
Boss Black Charizard - from Ludicolo
Meet Abomasnow - from Ludicolo

Blizzard Valley:
Defeat Stantlers - from abomasnow
Defeat Piplups, Prinplups - from abomasnow
Defeat Sneasels - from abomasnow
Boss Froslass and Glalie - from abomasnow
Defeat Ursarings, Empleons, Mawile, Weavile - from abomasnow
Boss Mamoswine - from abomasnow
Return to Mamoswine - from abomasnow
Talk to Abomasnow

Talk to Dunsparce
Defeat Doduos, Flaafys, Poochyenas
Defeat Tauroses
Defeat Mightyenas, Fearows, Ampharoses and Luxrays
Boss Dodrio


in dojo you can rechallenge bosses/areas you have met and cleared already, these will come as "trials" and in here all bosses and npcs are stronger than they were before also there will be 2 rounds + boss round and there is no break between rounds so you need survive all these fights with no chance of healing between
Trials are:
Beedrill's Trial: in this trial you will face random npcs from first map forest part
1st Round: random amount of Paras, Weedle or Oddish.
2nd Round: random amount of Paras, Weedle or Oddish.
3rd Round: Beedrill. 10 djps

Gyarados's Rage: in this trial you will face random npcs from second map, underwater (Chinchou, Carvanha, Corsola) and in final round you will fight gyarados
1st Round: random amount of Chinchou, Carvanha or Corsola.
2nd Round: random amount of Lanturn, Sharpedo or Corsola.
3rd Round: Gyarados 20 djps

Flower Power: in this trial you will face random npcs from third map forest part and in final round you will fight bellossom and vileplume
1st Round: random amount of Slakoth, Pachirisu, Bulbasaur or Heracross.
2nd Round: random amount of Ivysaur, Gloom, Vigoroth, Scyther
3rd Round: Bellssom and Vileplume
30 djps

Rock 'n Roll: in this trial you will face random npcs from third map mountain part and in final round you will fight golem
1st Round: random amount of Larvitar, Kangaskhan, Geodude, Phanpy.
2nd Round: random amount of Graveler, Tyranitar Donphan
3rd Round: Golem
40 djps

Wild Fire: in this trial you will face random npcs from third map volcano part and in final round you will fight charizard
1st Round: random amount of Houndour, Magby, Slugma, Charmander
2nd Round: random amount of Magmar, Torkoal, Houndoom
3rd Round: Charizard
50 djps

Chill Out: in this trial you will face random npcs from fourth map snow valley part and in final round you will fight froslass and glalie
1st Round: random amount of Teddiursa, Sealeo, Sneasel, Piplup and Swinub as
2nd Round: random amount of Teddiursa, Prinplup, Sneasel
3rd Round: Froslass and Glalie
55 djps

Ivory Hunt: in this trial you will face random npcs from fourth map icicle part and in final round you will fight mamoswine
1st Round: random amount of Mawile ,Swinub, Prinplup
2nd Round: random amount of Empoleon, Piloswine, Crobat, Weavile
3rd Round: Mamoswine 60 djps

Three of Kind: in this trial you will face random npcs from fifth map stealth zone and in final round you will fight dodrio
1st Round: random amount of Doduo ,Luxio, Electrike
2nd Round: random amount of ??
3rd Round: Dodrio
65 djps


To gain egg you need defeat the pokemon corresponding to it

e.q. to get bulbasaur egg you need to defeat either bulbasaurs or ivysaurs

after you gain egg go into Incubator and choose egg you want to make character off, this will use one slot (meaning slot must be free)

Currenly eggs are dropped up to 4th gen pokemons meaning EVERY mob ingame you see can drop its egg with exception of Slakoth and Wurmple

You can also buy eggs from hitmonlee from dojo with dojo points
Eevee, 6000 djps
Ditto, 2000 djps
Shuckle, 15000 djps
Keckleon, 2000 djps
Skarmony, 6000 djps

maps and what pokemons you will encounter there:

Light Forest
Karp Kove: Magikarp
Mellow Meadow: Rattata
Bug Bite Forest: Paras, Oddish, Wurmple, Weedle and boss is Beedrill
Blue Nest Pass: Pidgey

Raging Caelum: Carvanha, Chinchou, Qwilfish
Coral Reef: Corsola, Carvanha, Chinchou, Qwilfish and boss is Gyarados

Pinchin' Sands: Krabby, Squirtle, Wartortle, Wingull, Staryu, Corpfish
Happy Forest: Bulbasaur, Slakoth, Scyther, Gloom, Ivysaur, Vigoroth, Heracross, Pachirisu and boss is Vileplume and Bellossom

Gravel Mountain: Larvitar, Geodude, Graveler, Phanpy, Donphan, Munchlax, Kangaskhan and boss is Golem
Pompentei Volcano: Magmar, Slugma, Magcargo, Charmander, Charmeleon, Torkoal, Houndoom and boss is Black Charizard

Blizzard Valley: Piplup, Prinplup, Snorunt, Sneasel, Swinub, Stantler, Mawile, Teddiursa, Spheal, Sealeo and boss is Glalie and Froslass
Icicle Cave: Ursaring, Empleon, Piloswine, Zubat, Golbat, Weavile, Mawile and boss is Mamoswine
Stealth Zone: Doduo, Flaaffy, Electrike, Monkey, Luxio, Spearow, Poochyena
Drifting Savanna: Luxray, Mighthyena, Tauros. Manetric, Ampharos, Fearow
Dry Dry Dunes: coming soon
Deserted Musoleum: ???

Palude Nera: ???
Sticky Swamp Path: ???
Haunted Mansion: ???


Lv 1 - Orange Bandana
Lv 5 - Funky Beany
Lv 10 - Leather Helmet
Lv 15 - Magician's Hat

Lv 1 - Wooden Breastplate
Lv 5 - Ripped Shirt
Lv 10 - Wooden Shield

Lv 1 - Old Silver Ring
Lv 15 - Sea Pendant

gear can be dropped in 5 diffrent qualities, better the quality better the stats
Poor - 50%
Below Avarage - 75%
Avarage - 100%
Rare - 125%
Unique - 165%

pokemons may drop equipment for you each equipment has its own amount of "slots"
every pokemon ingame can drop 10% and 60% scrolls of atk, sp atk, def or sp def
to use these scrolls you need to click scroll in inventory and pick "yes"
then you need to choose item you want to scroll and click it, and say "yes"

any pokemon within area can drop items of that area, Areas are:

Mellow Meadow: Lv 1 Gear
Bug Bite Forest: Lv 5 Gear
Underwater: Lv 10 Gear
Pinchin' Sands: Lv 15 Gear, Water Stone, Shiny Stone, Dawn Stone
Happy Forest: Lv 15 Gear, Leaf Stone, Thunder Stone , Electirizer
Gravel Mountain: Dusk Stone, Moon Stone, Metal Coat
Pompentei Volcano: Fire Stone, Magmarizer, Sun Stone
Blizzard Valley:
Happiness, Razor Claw
Icicle Cave: Happiness, Razor Claw
Stealth Zone: -
Drifting Savanna: -


Map of the Game:

Last edited by Indigo on Thu Mar 27, 2014 6:24 am; edited 18 times in total (Reason for editing : starters linked)


Mime jr: 0 lvl
Smoochum: 0 lvl
Chingling 0 lvl

- Evolve to Mr. Mime []

- Get 100 level Pokemon []
- Be First to Do all quests []


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