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Z Tactics: First Look

Fri May 23, 2014 3:00 am by Ishuri

Behold, 1 week of work, leading up to a preview of the upcoming game, Z Tactics. This small section of the game shows the planned tutorial stage, where you play as the Assassin and commit the assassination of King Victor II.

This is a very early preview, but the core/gameplay itself is completed, we expect to have a server running by next Friday with as many Classes as can get finished by then. Some rebalancing/several bug fixes will be taken care of during this week, as well as most misc features completed by the end of the weekend.

The team gathered on May 9th, and we've been able to keep ourselves in line by creating and meeting our first deadline, completed all the tutorial characters and map pieces, and filling the game with 8 completed skills. All the enemy characters you see in the video can be used as playable characters as well, and the game has been tested and is fully PvP enabled. A lot of work has been put into making sure the …

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Update Beta 2.6 (March 15th, 2014)

Sun Mar 16, 2014 7:16 am by Kentaro

It's been a while since these were in production, but they are finally out!
All of the starter baby Pokemon have their Abilities! Most of the Abilities work as they should in the real games, Water Absorb nullfies a water attack and heals you and ect!
Pokemon up to the Underwater Area also have their Abilities, so don't be surprised if you are facing a Carnavah and you tackle it then you get damaged as well!
All new Eggs created from this update and up will show their abilities, any older Eggs will show a "Random" Ability which just means that if the Pokemon has 2 abilities it will get one or the other.

Other updates include fixes to a few attacks such as, Bulldoze, Hammer Arm, Flame Burst and Sludge Bomb

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It has arrived...

Sun Mar 16, 2014 1:51 am by Tammer

I may think that a few have seen a new color of names in Forum by now.

So let me announce that we have added a rank/group. It's called VIP.
It gives you a color (as you may see), a rank and a little thing to it.

Group description:
People who have donated or have sponsored our Game/Server.

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Update Beta 2.5 (Feb 24th, 2014)

Tue Feb 25, 2014 5:54 pm by Kentaro

And it's back from the dead! Better then ever now!
PZ is back with a large update that now follows Gen 6 of Pokemon!

First Major Update is the introduction of the Fairy Type, many of the Current Starters that are in the game have been updated with the new Typing, this new Type will hopefully balance out the usefulness of all of the starter babies.

Another change is some of the other types. Steel does not resist Dark or Ghost anymore. Electric Pokemon are immune to Paralysis. Fire Pokemon can not be burned. Ice Pokemon wont freeze. Grass Type Pokemon are not affected by Powder Type moves (Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, ect.)

Stats of some Pokemon have been updated to follow Gen 6 along with nerfs and buffs to certain attacks.

TMs have also been changed to follow Gen 6, along with two new attacks, Moonblast and Dazzling Gleam.

Critical Hits has now been fixed to follow the proper rules, any Attack Drops or Defense Buffs are ignored by Crits and Crits now do 1.5x damage.

Last major …

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Servers to be taken down.

Fri Aug 30, 2013 7:22 am by Zete

I regret to announce that the PZ servers will be taken down indefinetly until the "rest" of the staff decides to come back on the project, as of this moment there is really no one working on the game and it renders difficult for a single person to take care of all that goes on the game.

No this doesn't mean the game is dead, to give an estimate it'll probably be down a few months time - hopefully we won't have to find a new host by then, because I really like our current one.

Sincerely, Zete / Aka Stef.

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Like Zetes Art Page

Thu Aug 01, 2013 6:46 am by Zete

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June 30th, Beta v2.2

Wed Jul 31, 2013 6:44 pm by Kentaro

Tons of attacks here!


It's been a while since we've made a bunch of attacks at once so here is the list:
RoostSynthesisBrave Bird
Cosmic PowerRoarDream Eater
Flare BlitzMoonlightFocus Punch
Rock PolishIron DefenseHypnosis
Scary FaceX-ScissorBug Buzz
Wood HammerToxicToxic Spikes
Poison FangDig

More Attack Stuff, Hydropump and Fireblast can be used a turn earlier since they have long cooldowns and all that stuff.

Now with all these new attacks added, we wanted a way to make sure that bosses were still strong and challenging, so to remedy this we made sure that each Boss has their own set attack list.

The requirements for many of the Aguaverde Quests have been lowered to make it a bit easier for players to reach the next areas, as we want everyone to start advancing forward.

Lastly, there has been a change to how items drops. Before each Wild Pokemon would only want to drop 1 item, but because of the addition of the Scrolls many many …

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July 27th Beta v2 - 2.1

Mon Jul 29, 2013 10:23 am by Kentaro

Huzzah, this update is a huge one as people will be able to learn attacks they want to learn.

Let's talk about TM Shop and the Egg Shop. These two new stores are located inside of the Dojo. Now you are wondering how do I buy an Egg or TM? Do they use Pokedollars? They do not. That you use to buy the Eggs and TMs are Dojo Points. To get the Dojo Points you must beat a round of each Dojo trial, the harder the trial the higher the points you receive. Now remember, the TMs work the same way they do in the Pokemon games, they are 1 use only, you can only use it if you are able to learn that particular attack, and they are tradable. 

All Pokemon up to Gen 3 will now to drop their eggs. So there are more Pokemon that you can hatch and stuff. Hunt down Pokemon and try to get their eggs, mwuahaha. Oh except for Slakoth ofcourse, don't want people to be able to use a Slaking without it's ability.

Now onto the topic of attacks, There are 2 new attacks added, these attacks are Tri Attack and …

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July 20th, v1.7

Sun Jul 21, 2013 12:36 pm by Kentaro

Well then, let's start with this update blog.

After lots of crying from Zete we finally have Scrolls! Now what these scrolls do is they can improve your Equippable items. How they work is their name tells you 3 things. Their chance of success, the kind of equipment you can use it on and what kind of boost you will get. For example 60% SpAttack for Ect, this scroll has a 60% success rate of it working, it will boost your SpAttack but only on an Ect item. Now the items have been updated to show you where they belong on your person. For Example a Wooden shield (which used to be a body, now and ect) will show Wooden Shield, Average, Ect | Slots: 2. The slots show you how many tries you have on any item to use a scroll on. Any time you use a scroll on an item it will use up 1 Slot, no matter if it fails or it succeeds. 

To use a scroll, you open up your Inventory, click on the scroll, click Yes, then head to your Equipments of your Inventory, click on what you want to Scroll and click …

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